Simplifying the cyclical nature of construction

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Flexible project solutions

Construction projects often require time, money and human capital that either miss or meet your business’ capacity. Mitigate the risk of time and money by utilizing SHEcon as a resource for your unique project needs. We offer staff augmentation services, owner’s representation and construction management. SHEcon can also act as a GC with a design-build approach in certain US regions. Submit your project today to discuss a solution.

SHEcon’s Project Types

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Data Center

Mission Critical

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Commercial Project Case Study:

525 W Monroe, Chicago, IL

Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is a strategy where a general contractor supplements their in-house workforce by hiring external professionals or teams on a temporary basis to meet specific project needs.

This approach offers several benefits to general contractors in managing their construction projects cost-effectively.

DBE project consulting

The project had WBE diversity contractor needs and SHEcon’s project manager supplied these services to this Chicago-based, Union GC.

As projects evolve, and unexpected changes can occur, we provide contractors with the flexibility to adapt to changes in project scope, technology requirements, or regulatory compliance by bringing in professionals with the necessary skills.

General Contractor Client

Construction companies need to adapt to changing market conditions and make strategic decisions regarding workforce size based on the prevailing economic climate.

SHEcon’s GC client on this $9M lobby redevelopment utilized our firm for diversity project management, a unique solution for DEI focused end-users.

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Take a look at the types of clients we serve and the projects we do.

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GC’s and CM’s


Are you a business owner purusing a construction project and need the expert staff to handle the building process?

Are you a general contractor or CM firm that needs to add a member to your internal project team without the risk of making a full-time hire?

Are you a developer who runs a lean organization and has capacity needs that fluctuate with the market?